About SodaRide


SodaRide is a new brand founded in 2021, committed to meeting the needs of people and vehicles in various scenarios and building a new human-vehicle relationship. Our products help people change from "vehicle-centric" to "user-centric", helping to create a comfortable experience for car commuting, long-distance travel and other application scenarios with users.

At SodaRide, we focus on product design, research and development. A strong R&D team will design and develop products based on different in-car scenarios to fit the actual needs of users. Innovative products are one of the secrets to keep our brand alive and competitive, and several patents reflect the professionalism of our team.
Considerate and reliable service is also one of our strengths. Whether you are a consumer, a wholesaler or a retailer, if you buy from us at SodaRide, you will receive our warranty and return guarantee and lifetime online after-sales service.